The judgments we cast on work

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Who owns spaces on our planet (and beyond) and what does owning them mean?

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My clock isn’t smart, but it works even if US-East-1 is down

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Hard computing problems have become either trivially easy or so impossibly difficult it’s not even worth trying anymore.

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In the beginning, the web was a free bonanza. Now every site tries to sign you up for a monthly subscription.

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How we fall for magical solutions

Top tip: don’t get photographed in the chair if you’re running for president. Photo by Nick Karvounis on Unsplash

Cracked screens and scuffed edges. The mental toll of using devices not designed for the real world

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How we take the wrong morals from stories

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Buying property feels like bartering in the middle ages

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Requirements documents are halfway between a peace treaty and a Christmas list.

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